Thursday, January 22, 2009

7 mile run after work at MCP

I got my new orthodics on Monday, and tried them out yesterday. I only ran 2 miles in them. They just didn't feel right. They felt as if I was running in high heels, and it bothered the ankle & I felt a bit of shin splints.
Guess I will be talking to Dr. Foote, and getting them tweaked.

My 7 mile run was back to the old inserts. Better safe than sorry. I ran an out and back in Mercer County Park. It was downright balmy out, compared to the last week or so. The temps had to be in the mid 30's.
I had wanted to get a 10 miler in this week, in preparation for the Chilly Cheeks 7.2 mile trail run this Sunday. Well, I guess a long run of 7 will do.
I did a google search for the Chilly Cheeks run in Reading,Pa. and as much fun as it sounds, it's going to be tough. It seems to be rather hilly!
The shins were bothering me a bit, guess it was a byproduct of yesterday's run. I felt good, but can tell the drop off in the wind & legs at about 3 miles in. While I am faster, I need to gain back the endurance I have lost.

7 miles 56:48 (8:06 avg.)

Mile / Time

1 7:55
2 7:54
3 8:08
4 8:18
5 8:15
6 8:18
7 7:54


ShoreTurtle said...

You should slow down once in awhile. All of your runs are fast!

Good luck this weekend. I'm looking forward to reading the race report.

Blyfinn said...

God luck this weekend. I got outside to run today also and it felt like I was melting in the sweltering 36 degree weather.

Vava said...

Hope the orthotics get sorted out for you, but the splits you are putting in on your long run are fast! Just be careful with that foot, ankle, shin, etc... I had orthotics once, early on in the process of trying to figure out what the hell could be done to help my ankle, and I had the same impression you did: like walking in high heels. Also, the way the doctor described how these things are supposed to work didn't compute with me. They were to support my arch so that it wouldn't have to do any work! To me, that meant only one thing: further atrophy of the foot muscles. After a while I said thanks, but no thanks. They just didn't work for me.

Now, after my recent foot issues on account of shoes that didn't have enough support, I'm willing to consider that, when used sparingly to support the foot orthotics might just be the answer.

Sorry for the rambling. Just hope everything works out so that you can run long and fast!

Denise said...

Good luck this wknd!

Progman2000 said...

How do you know what running in high heels feels like?

joyRuN said...

LOL at Progman's comment!

Oh, & I agree with ShoreTurtle - you should try my pace once in a while ;)

Have fun on Sunday!

SuperDave said...

when 30 deg become's balmy then you know it has been much , much colder.. haha

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Good luck with the trail run, brother!

Man, if you say YOU have no endurance with those numbers, I'm a dead man when I get out of PT and back to running!

Still, I look forward to it.

Because, in the end, when all's said and done, isn't running really just about the PAIN?

BeachRunner said...

Good luck with the orthotics Speedy McSpeederton Neverslowdownski. How about the Devils start losing after the All Star Break?

Ted said...

Hmmm... I am having second thoughts now. You might want to ditch your kicks and starts using a real high heel shoes. Who knows, your pace may improve significantly?

Michelle said...

Great run dude!!!

Sorry about your new orthotics!!! Hope you get that straightened out soon!!!

Check my blog!!! I broke my toe!!! :O(

Colin Timberlake said...

Good performance. And go Flyers. Man, I miss the days of Propp, Kerr, Hextall and Howe.

Sonia said...

Woah that's fast!! Orthotics or not! LOL

I always feel weird running with mine, and they cause horrendous blisters... which is why I don't run with them anymore.

sRod said...

1. You know what running in high heels feels like?

2. Damn you're fast. Where did that come from?