Sunday, December 14, 2008

A quick 4.75 mile run on a Sunday Afternoon

I wasn't planning on running today, but I was loafing around the house, the 1:00pm football games stunk, so I went for a quick 4.75 mile run.
I just ran a nice comfortable pace. The past week, the ankle had been feeling much better, and it didn't bother me after yesterday's trail run, but it was "manageable uncomfortable", if that makes any sense. I got the wrap back on it, and we'll see.
Other than the minor ankle pain, my wind and legs felt pretty good. Nice thing about running at 3:00pm today, was the weather. It was bright and sunny, no wind, and had warmed up to a toasty 48deg.

4.75 miles 38:58 (8:13 mile/avg.)

Mile Time
1 8:12
2 8:16
3 8:15
4 8:10
.75 6:02


Sonia said...

Watch out that ankle! I wish my 'easy paces' were around yours LOL That would be my 'I'm going to die pace' :P

wmd said...

I am with Sonia on the pace... lol, but I am making improvements.

I can not wait until the day I can just go out and run an easy 4 or 5 miles on a whim.

I hope the ankle is good!

SuperDave said...

Looks like that marathon hasn't slowed you down a bit!

joyRuN said...

Great job on the impromptu run!

Blyfinn said...

not fair! At 3pm today here I had to deal with 6 degrees and -14 wind chill.

Laurel said...

You're still so speedy, sore ankle or not.

Progman2000 said...

Now's a good time to get the ankle looked at before starting a Spring program - maybe go to a physical therapist? It may be some kind of muscle inbalance thing or something affecting your gait that you can work on, better to have it looked at.

Ted said...

I second with Progman2000's suggestion. Please have someone to take a look at it.

Isn't the weather weird? Yesterday was awesome and as of this morning, it was 61 when I went out for my morning run. However, that will change tomorrow. It has been a rollercoster.

BeachRunner said...

Glad your ankle feels good. Way to speed it up on your runs.

And finally a Met player who is not afraid to say he thinks his team will win. We need more of that attitude.

And can the Devils please start losing?

X-Country2 said...

What a great way to spend some free time. You'll appreciate it more when it's 10 degrees and snowing.

Michelle J said...

Hey good run dude!!!

Take care of your ankle please!!!