Thursday, December 18, 2008

7 for my son's 7th

Earlier this week, my oldest son asked me to run seven miles on his seventh birthday.
I told him it would be no problem for me to run for him, the only way I wouldn't run, was if my Dr. said I couldn't. I finally broke down, and went to see him on Tuesday. I had to get an x-ray of the ankle, and was waiting on the results. I got the results today. Well, the good news was there is no stress fracture or bone chip in the ankle., and they don't think it's muscular. They think I have some arthritis in there, from when I fractured it about 18 yrs ago. Funny, I run the marathon for arthritis, and low and behold, I have a form of it.
I will be making an appointment with an orthopedic Dr. to have it looked into further, but the best news is I can run, and I can manage the pain with a compression sock on the ankle, and some Tylenol.
So, after we picked him up from school, he opened his presents, and I was off on my 7 mile run.
It was about 40deg out at 4:00pm, when I went for my run. You could feel the weather getting colder, as we have a storm headed our way, Friday.
I felt really good, for not running since Sunday. I didn't have much discomfort in the ankle. Since I needed to run 7 miles, I did an out and back to Mercer County Park. There wasn't many people out in the park. I passed 1 person running, and another walking their dog, and that was it. I did come across a bunch of deer. I ran at a nice comfortable pace, an enjoyed it.
As I was running, I was thinking of how quick 7 years went by, and what I was doing, 7 years ago, when he was born. At the time I was running today, he was just born. Man time flies.
I hope next year, when he turns 8, I will be running an 8 mile run for him!
Ya think he'll run 43 miles for me next year? Maybe I can get him to run for 43 seconds.
And if my youngest wants me to do the same for him, I'll have a nice easy 4 miler next June!
56:37 7.01 miles (8:04 min/mile avg.)
Mile / Time
1 7:45
2 8:07
3 8:08
4 7:55
5 8:19
6 8:07
7 8:10
.01 :02


Michelle J said...


Happy 7th birthday to your son!!!

Blyfinn said...

Happy Birthday to the little guy. Nice run and for a good cause.

wmd said...

That is cool. Happy Birthday and many more!

Laurel said...

So sweet. Happy birthday to your son :)

So glad you got good news on the ankle. So weird you have arthritis and you were running for it! I hope it's not too serious.

Ted said...

How cool is that to run for your son on his 7th birthday !! Let's see.. my oldest will be 8 so thats an easy 8 miles I can do next March and my youngest will be 7 next November. That shall be another 7 easy miles, too! I will be sure to see both of my girls run for 45 seconds next year.

Vava said...

It's amazing, the similarities... My oldest just turned 7, and my ankle woes are as a result of an injury I sustained in 1993, with part of the diagnosis being arthritis.
Good luck with the ankle and the orthopedic surgeon (from my experience learn as much as you can and be an informed consumer BIG TIME!), and Happy Birthday to your son!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Happy birthday to your boy!

Glad to hear you have a diagnosis and a plan for dealing with your ankle that allows you to run still. Good luck with the ortho!

My son (now - unbelievably - 9!) asked me for the past two years if he could run with me in our town's Turkey Trot. I regret having said he couldn't.

I think next year, I'll let him and just resign myself to taking a long time to finish. (It's not as though I ran it that fast this year even without the boy holding me back.)

I saw a man and wife at the last 5k I did in Princeton running the race with their two kids, a boy and a girl, possible 6 and 7 years old, no older. (The guy was running a Kick Asphalt shirt, so he'd obviously run Philly, like you).

The course had a few loops in it, and I lapped the mother just as she was hoisting the girl onto her, piggyback style, to help her make it through the race.

This was about the sweetest thing I've ever seen during a race, and I made up my mind then to let Ian run with me next year if he still has a mind to.

Because, as you said, the time just slips by us. You could easily end up with a list of things you meant to do for the kid, but never did.

So good on you for doing this for your son!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

D'oh! "... wearing a Kick Asphalt shirt ..."

BeachRunner said...

Great run and good news about your ankle. Happy birthday to your son.

Denise said...

You should make this a tradition and each year run their age in miles!

joyRuN said...

Glad to hear the ankle is manageable. I'd be interested to see what the long term treatment for it would be.

Happy 7th birthday to your son!!

Darrell said...

Good news about the ankle.

Happy B-day to the little Flyer.