Monday, June 23, 2008

Street Hockey Sunday!

Sunday's I usually do my long run. Well I didn't this past Sunday.
Instead, with the wife & boys in Wildwood, I decided to play some pick-up hockey. A bunch of the guys I used to play with, have pick-up games Sunday morning's at Veteran's Park. This past Sunday I played for the 1st time since last September.

What a great time. I do miss playing, but it was cool to be out there. My oldest son, has the hockey bug, like myself. He just finished his 1st season playing in our local PAL league. It's really something special to watch him play. While I wasn't the most skilled player, I made up for that with "heart". He has some of the same traits.. it's scary!

Having not played in some 10 months, there was a bit of rust at first. But my running really helped, when it's 5 on 5, with no subs, I had the lungs more than some of the regulars. The legs... well that's a different story. I learned that I need to add some speed work in my running schedule. I felt good after playing for nearly 2 hours, but today (Monday), I am just a little sore in the legs.

Here's a link to the league's website :

On a running note, there was a local 5k going on at the same time. If I would have had my running stuff, I'd have done the run 1st, than played. I got a flyer for a 5k run for next Sunday.
I will look at running to the park, doing the 5k, and running home. It's about 3.7 miles to the park. I might need the wife & boys to come pick me up afterwards... maybe even have them bring my hockey stuff!!


Running To Stand Still said...

I love to watch hockey but am so bad on skates. It sounds like it was a blast!! Hope you get to play more often.

bill said...

Hey, I ran that 5k on Sunday...and I'm planning to run the 5k there again this Sunday. Maybe I'll see you there!

I wish I could send my wife and kids away for a week and do what I want to do! That must be tough! ;-)

FLYERS26 said...

hey Bill.. I will be doing that run, Sunday. I haven't signed up for it. I will do that Sunday morning. I don't know what to expect time wise, since I will be running to the race, aprox 3.7 miles. I never ran before a race. I'd like to finish 24mins or under.

and RTSS, I'm not that good on skates, that's why I played street or dek hockey, when I play.

Ted said...

Wear ice skates on the street? Just kidding! Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun. One thing, I am afraid I am going to get my teeth knock out.