Friday, June 27, 2008


Well TGIF !

Last nite, I headed down to our place in Wildwood, with my oldest son. A little male bonding over tram car rides, Mack's Pizza & go carts.

I had renters in until Thursday morning, and new ones coming in Saturday, so I with the weather being perfect, I took Friday off, and here I am, at the voted #1 beach in NJ ! (take that Ocean City & LBI !!)

We got up this morning, had breakfast, and headed to the boardwalk. My son rode his bike, and I ran along side of him. Now that's what I call a "FUN RUN". It was really cool. He really does awesome on his 2 wheeler, weaving in and out of surreys, bikes, walkers, strollers, scooters, and anything else with wheels or feet. And sometimes, boy he can push the pace. We rode/ran down to Poplar Ave., and watched our buddy Gig (mgr. of Sightseer trams), get the world famous tram cars out onto the boards.

Well, time to hit the beach..


BeachRunner said...

What an awesome fun run. Enjoy your family time at the beach.

Darrell said...

Welcome to the bloggy world. Nice way to get the run in with the little guy on a bike, that works.

Enjoy the training for Philly.

Jessica said...

my husband and I live in Hamilton, and are just starting to get back into running ourselves since the birth of our little guy, last July 4th. We did the FF run yesterday in Veteran's Park, and we are planning on doing the RWJ run on 7/10! I love reading your blog b/c you are local and I too hope to do the Philly marathon... I am not signed up for this year's but would like to next year. My last (and only) marathon was NYC in 2003.
Good luck to you, and keep the blog going - I am hoping it will keep us motivated!

If you want to say hi, we will be at the race with our bright red jogging stroller! :-)

FLYERS26 said...

Thanks for the feedback, Jessica.

Glad you and your husband enjoy my blog.