Monday, June 30, 2008

The Fabulous Feat 5k & more!

I did the Fabulous Feat 5k this past Sunday, and I added miles on before and after.
I want Sunday's to be my long run day, so I decided to run to the race, and run home. I had really had no idea how my legs would feel during the race, so I had no time in mind.
The route I took to Veteran's Park, was 3.7 miles. I ran that in 34:21, (9.18mile), trying not to overdo it, but using it as a "warm up".
The race itself, for an inaugural race, had a very good turnout, 133 runners. Before I got to the starting line, I made sure I had my laces DOUBLE KNOTTED (see Run For Dad)!!
Surprisingly, I ran the 1st mile in 7:30, and 2nd in 15:30. The 3rd mile had a long uphill, as you entered the woods, around the 2.5 mile mark. I always struggle with hills, and tried to attack it as best I could. I finished in 24:19 (7:50mile), which I was pleased with.
With your goodie bag, at the registration, they gave us a number for raffle afterwards at the awards ceremony. I was lucky enough to have my number called, and picked a Dairy Queen gift card($10.00), not for myself of course, but to give to my boys. What kid doesn't love DQ !

I made sure to try and take in a lot fluids after the run. I felt good for the most part running back home, but running with a plastic Commerce Bank full of goodies, and being a bit worn out, made it an adventure. The last 1/2 mile or so, I felt a bit of cramping in my left thigh, but I lasted, and made it in 35:54 (9:43 mile).
Overall, I ran 10.5 miles, on a humid day.
I tried a few of my free samples during and after my runs.
I had the Hammer gel Raspberry, about 1/2 hour after my first run, and when I got home, I had the Hammer Nutrition Strawberry Recoverite. I feel they both did what they where intended to do, and I woke up today, with no soreness!


bill said...

Nice job! That 5k course at Vets is a tough one what with the placement of that last hill. I've run it the last two Sundays in a row and it got me each time. At least yesterday, I knew to expect it and went out a little slower. I can't imagine having run to the park beforehand...that's crazy! And then to run home with those goodies...

FLYERS26 said...

Did you do the 5k run yesterday? How about the RWJ 5k next week?

bill said...

Yes, I ran it yesterday (21:15). I can't do the RWJ run because I work nights. :(

Ted said...

Man, you are smoking up!!! I say you are going to rock for your first Philly marathon in four months. Keep up the good pace!

BeachRunner said...

Great job in tough conditions. Way to go!

Running To Stand Still said...

How long before the race did you get there? Just wondering cause I don't know if I could run again if I stopped!!

Great job. Sounds like a fun way to get in a lot of miles.

FLYERS26 said...

RTSS, I left the house about 7:15 or so, and the 5k didn't start until 9:00am. If I had to do it over, I would have left a bit later. An hour seemed a bit long, between runs. After the 5k, I guess it was about 20 minutes or so, until I left for the 3rd part of my run. I had to wait for the raffle.. My boys were excited to get a DQ gift card!

Progman2000 said...

Hey Flyers,
Your blog is a walk down memory lane. I graduated from Trenton State College in 1990 and lived in Lawrenceville Square. I worked in Hamilton and used to run in Mercer County Park all the time. We are going to have fun training for Philly.