Saturday, June 21, 2008

10 -2 We Win !!

With no wife & boys around, I get to sleep as late as I want! Nice.. maybe I'll get up around 10, or better yet noon. Yea.. I'll sleep to noon.

7:30am and I'm up!!

So, I guess it's run time. I decided to add to the loop that I did on Thursday. I hit the road at 8:00am, get to the corner of the road that leads into our neighborhood, when I run into our neighbor from across the street, who just bought the local paper, a friend of my son's, his father & their dog, and what would a meeting at the corner be, with my father in law, pulling up in his van! Doesn't anyone sleep late on the weekends? So after I said my "hello's", I continued on my run.

When I do my Sunday runs, I hardly ever see any other runners or bikers out and about.

That sure wasn't the case today. I saw or passed 10 runners & only 2 people biking. YES ! We win! Break out the champagne. I could just hear the late great Harry Caray " Runners Win... Runners Win..Holy Cow, the runners have beat the cyclists 10 - 2!"

I guess you could even say the "yard sales" beat the bikers, I passed 4 of them.

Sure is a different world out there on a Saturday morning, compared to Sunday.

Well, I ran 5.76 miles, in 51:28. I am not a morning runner, that's for sure. While it was great to get out the door early and run, I just don't seem to have the energy that I do later in the day, when I usually run. I have a few months to become one, since the Philadelphia Marathon starts at 7:00am.

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Running To Stand Still said...

Funny that you ran into everyone. I love seeing other runners when I am running. It gives me a boost!

I seem to do better later also. Way to get out there early!!