Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Run For Dad 5k

This past Sunday, while most father's where having breakfast in bed, I started a different family tradition a few years back, getting up and doing the Run for Dad, in Mercer County Park.

I had a goal of finishing under 24 minutes. I did a 5k earlier this year, and finished it at 24:05.

Well, all was good at the 1st mile, 7:30, when I noticed my right shoe was becoming untied. At the 2 mile mark, I was 15:04, right on pace to hit my goal. Well.. the shoe was getting worse. By now it was completely untied, and I did not want to stop an tie it. The last 2/10's where horrible. It was like trying to drive a car at 65mph, with a flat! I finished at 24:10.

I still don't know why I didn't double knot my right shoe. I doubled the left. Maybe I should have stopped and tied it. I just hate to stop during a run.

On a better note, both my boys had a great time doing their runs!

On a nice open field, next to the 2 mile mark, they set the kids up to run, starting at 2yrs old, right on up to 10+. The younger you are, you start closer to the finish, and they move you back accordingly. All kids get a Run for Dad tee, bib number, & a prize ribbon. They have face painting, arts & crafts, and a clown making balloon animals for the kids! Oh and what would any event where kids are present in the summer be without the Ice Cream man showing up!

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Dan Seifring said...

A great way to spend Fathers Day.