Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday's Runs

With a 5k race looming on Saturday, I wanted to get out and run a mock 5k, to get the feel of running fast back. I went to Mercer County Park, and did 2 x 5k on an out and back route.
I used the first one as the mock race, and the 2nd was at a comfortable pace.
The park was a buzz with action, as it was perfect weather, slight breeze, warm & plenty of sun.
One thing I need to start to do, before the shorter races, is warm up. I never do anything, no stretching, or running. I just go to the start, and go at the gun. It seems to take me about a 1/2 mile to get the legs moving. That doesn't leave you much time, in a 5k race, so I don't need to waste time.
I did the 1st 5k in 22:50
1. 7:41
2. 7:14
3. 7:10
.1 :44

I know I left a little something on the table, so hopefully I can improve on that 1st mile.

The 2nd 5k, I stuck around 9min miles, and finished it in 27:41.
It funny, after running the longer races & training runs,I have done so far this year, the 5k goes by in a blink of an eye... and I like it!


Denise said...

I've come to realize that I need to warm up before I run, too. I used to walk at the gym before I ran on the treadmill. Now that I'm heading outside and starting to run right away, I find the first half mile to a mile pretty sluggish.

Blyfinn said...

I agree with you about the warm up. I used to do nothing but lineup and go. When I started light jogging before the race I improved my first mile quite a bit.

wmd said...

I have learned the hard way warm up is extremely important. I do so much better with a warmup... without one my legs feel like lead.

BommaMama said...

Hooray for shorter races! Preparing for them feels like a freakin vacation compared to all the hours upon hours of marathon training. Enjoy it!!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I try to warm up before any run now ever since I got tendinitis in my knee.

Your speediness is impressive, brother! 7:10 on the third mile/


Michelle said...

Great job on your 2 5K's!!!

I agree, warm up is great!!! Its hard though in a 5K though!!! I have a lot to learn!!!

Bill said...

Definitely do the warm up. I go anywhere from 1/2 to a mile before a 5K. The races are so short you want to be ready to bolt out of the gate at the start. And yes, after doing marathons, the 5Ks seem to be over way too soon.