Monday, May 25, 2009

Running downashore & The Turtle Trot 5k !

What a fun time we had downashore these past 5 days! Time really flew by, but I did manage to run twice & fit in a 5k race.. more on the race in a bit.
I got up early to run on Friday & Saturday. Both days I got out a little later than I normally do, around 7:30am. I try to get out before 7:00am, but I wasn't planning any long runs. The weather both days was nice and comfortable, highs in the 60's, with an ocean breeze. I did a run out to North Wildwood, and back, running the boardwalk the last 2 miles. It was a 7 mile run, and I didn't feel that great during the run. I did the 7 miles in 1:00:44, for an 8:40 avg.
Saturday, I also did "feel" the run. I ran better than I did on Friday, but just didn't have that light on your feet feeling, or wind. I ran on the boards again, for the last 2 miles of the 6 I ran. It was a packed boardwalk, compared to Friday. It had summertime written all over it. I did the 6 miles in 49:37, for an 8:15 avg. I know the pace looks great, but I sure didn't feel great.

That leads me up to the TURTLE TROT 5k, that I ran on Sunday in Stone Harbor.

It was a nice morning for a race, slight breeze, and comfortable temps. I met up with the Joyrun family. They made the trek south to do the race. She brought along JoyHub & JoyNephew.

I found this race while surfing around for any local runs while I was in Wildwood. There were aprox 450 runners/walkers in this event. There was a local Tri, on Saturday, so a bunch of them were entered into the 5k.
With the added competition, and the way my recent runs had felt, I had no thoughts of a PR or placing in my age group. I went into the race, with the thought if I could hold on to 8min miles, and try to finish around 24:00, I would consider it a success. I even mentioned to Joy & her family, how the last few runs stunk.
I walked to the start with the JoyFam, and wished them luck, and told them I was going to move a little closer to the start/finish line. As I was getting the Garmin & Ipod ready, I kept repeating to myself to relax & don't go out like a rabbit. It did work, instead of a 6:39 mile, like I did at the Footrace, I ran the 1st mile in 7:04. It was at that point, I felt pretty good, and said "self.. relax and do it again". I was running alongside a few runners that seemed to have a nice pace, and I hung with them. As I hit the 2 mile mark, I heard the beep of the Garmin, looked down and saw I ran Mile 2 in 7:06. Now I am thinking, have I gone out too hard, am I going to implode. I just kept the pace, locked into my own little world, occasionally looking at the passing street signs. The finish was at 95Th Street, and started to count them down, a block at a time from about 115Th. I battled and kept thinking..21 and change... you can do this! I heard the beep of the Garmin at mile 3, but I didn't check the time, since I could see the clock at the finish, and it was 21:30. I had the last .10 mile to run, and did it! I finished in 21:56 ! A new PR! I had ran mile 3 in 7:08. Unbelievable... as bad as I felt the past 2 days of heavy legs and no wind, were wiped away with this run! It just goes to show you, ya just never know with this sport.
I was able to get a bottle of water, and see Joy Nephew finish in the 24's, and Joy in the 26's. Both PR's! And I can't forget JoyHub. I got my camera from the car, and just got back to see him finish around 31mins.
It was a great time. It was cool to run again with Joy & her family, who were headed out for breakfast afterwards.
I did check the finish board before I left, and I finished 50th out of about 450, and they had my time at 21:56
Garmin time:
1. 7:04
2. 7:06
3. 7:08
.10 :35


sneakersister said...

Awesome running there!!!

Glad you were able to enjoy the beach for a few days. I'm hoping to get down there this summer at some point.

joyRuN said...

Congrats on another PR!!

It was good to see you :) Hope you didn't run into too much traffic heading home.

BommaMama said...

CONGRATULATIONS BILL!! I predict about 3 more PRs for you over the next couple of months. I think boardwalk running in the summer time really agrees with you! Missed you with the trail group on Saturday morning... instead of trying to keep up with a whole slew of people, we only had Bill Y. and Charlie leading the way.

Vava said...

Wow, what a great run! Your pacing was so dead on. And to get a PR a week after running a great time in the same distance is amazing. Congratulations!

Denise said...

Congrats!! Sounds like a great time and you did fantastic!

Marcy said...

CONGRATS!! Fabulous job ;D ;D

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Congrats on the PR! Well done!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Way to kick butt, brother!

You really do never know - sometimes what you did yesterday or the day before doesn't count for squat on race day! It's nice when that breaks in your favor, though.

Man, you'll be doing under sub-20 minute 5ks by next year.

I kinda hate you for that.

Michelle said...

WOW totally awesome PR dude!! I am proud of you and now I am more encouraged to run a good race on Saturday. No PR for me just a good fun run with Ted!! I am excited to meet him. He is so nice to run the entire race with me!!!


Thank you for your nice comment!!!

sRod said...

Wow! Great speed on those legs! Congrats!

Steve said...

Nice Race! Enjoyed the report. The Stone Harbor Turtle Trot was my first race ever.

Check out more shore races at my site: