Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trail runs & the Fabulous Feat 5k

As May comes to an end, it also ends my goal of running at least a 100 miles a month for the year. With the rains we had here in NJ, and the start of the 5k season, I ended May at 78.21 miles. Not bad, but I need to get back to my long runs on Sunday mornings.

I ran with the Trailrunsgroup this past Saturday morning. We met at Clayton Park, and while it wasn't a long trail run, Bill Y. came up with the idea of doing "ladders" on the long hill.

These were hard, and it something I wouldn't do on my own, so I was glad to do them. I want to make sure I continue to do this type of workout into my marathon training later this summer. I have never been good at hills, both up and downhill, and I can tell I am getting better, since I started running the trails.

It was nice to be back with them, since I missed the past 2 weeks, being downashore.

Sunday, there was a nice little local 5k in Veteran's Park, the FabulousFeat5k.

I ran into Jess who was there with her son, ready to run. Gotta give her credit to run a 5k with a stroller. I also ran into an old family friend who runs all the local 5k's. He's a good guy, who's still running at 64! Hopefully I'll be able to run at that age.
It was perfect weather for the run. There was a little over 100 runners, so it was a nice crowd. I was worried about being a rabbit at the start with the smaller crowd. I kept that in mind when the race started. I didn't get caught up at the start, and settled into my own pace. I tried to keep the same pace from last Sunday's 5k. I did that for the most part.
It was nice to run a "home race", as I run many miles in Veteran's Park. The hard part of the 5k's there, is the long uphill around the 2.5 mile mark! I knew when I hit the 2 mile mark, I had a chance at a PR, but that uphill would tell the tale. I attacked it the best I could, and felt pretty afterwards, and when I saw the clock, I knew it would be close. I didn't have much left for the last .10, but I managed to cross at 21:59, .03 off of last weeks PR. I was glad to break the 22 min barrier again.

I did get 2nd in my age group which was cool.

Here are some pictures from the run, Jesswith her son in the stroller & the Deacon at the finish line, and Deacon & I getting our 2nd place age group medals.

21:59 (7:05 avg.)

1. 6:58

2. 7:07

3. 7:09

.10 :45


joyRuN said...

Congrats on the AG!

Another great sub-22 performance - this is shaping up to be quite a summer for you :)

BommaMama said...

It was so nice to see you Bill - awesome job on the run. I wonder how I would have done without that 500 lb. stroller with the 30 lb. kid inside!!! Thanks for snapping the pic!

Vava said...

Man, that's another great 5K time! Lots of racing in May, and pretty good mileage considering all the short races you've been entering. Looking forward to following your marathon training as I embark on my own summer of prep for my first marathon. The prep for your second will be inspirational!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Man, I just KNOW you're gonna break 20 minutes by this time next year.

Still kinda hatin' on you for that!

But congrats on the PR and the AG win!

Blyfinn said...

Great run congrats!

Ted said...

Sahweet !!! Congrats on the AG thing and also a sub 22 job ! Kudos !!!

Keep me posted about any upcoming local runs.

chris mcpeake said...

Nicely done. congrats