Sunday, April 26, 2009

What Happened to Spring??

I know for the past few weeks, myself and others here in the NJ, PA area have bitched about the cold, the wind, when will it warm up, etc.. well SUMMER arrived this weekend! Highs Saturday topped off around 90deg, and it was the same Sunday.
I planned to run 14 miles, my last long run before the 1/2 marathon, part of the NJ Marathon next Sunday. I had the smarts to go out the nite before, and hide a frozen water bottle, at what would be around mile 9-10. While I knew it was going to be warm in the morning, when I checked the weather, it called for highs around 64deg. when I planned to run.
Well, when I got out to run around 7:00am, it was already in the low 70's. I should have grabbed a water to start with, but I figured I would be OK, since I had a bottle out on the route.
I wanted to make this a nice comfortable slow run, logging in the miles. I did log the miles, but it was more of a struggle than comfortable. The heat really took it's toll, since I haven't run in this heat in probably 6 months or more.
I was pumped to get to my water stop, and get my water, around mile 9. I ran through Mercer County Park, and there was a March of Dimes walk getting started. The park was full of activity, bikers, walkers, runners, crews out practicing on the lake, soccer games. It is one busy park!
Anyway, I was glad when this run was over. I felt like crap when it was done, but was glad I pushed thru the pain, and finished. Sure was a blow to the confidence I was building heading into the 1/2.
14 miles (2:08:11) 9:09 avg.
  1. 8:48
  2. 8:40
  3. 8:48
  4. 8:52
  5. 9:03
  6. 9:13
  7. 9:06
  8. 9:02
  9. 9:02
  10. 9:33
  11. 9:25
  12. 9:30
  13. 9:32



Denise said...

I had a short 3 mile run yesterday and it was a challenge running in the heat. Not sure how today will go with the 6 I have to do after work.

Vava said...

Hey, it's better to have a challenging long run the week before the race than the day of the race. I'm sure you will bounce back and have a nice fast HM this coming weekend. Good luck!

Vava said...

Oh yeah, and sorry about the Flyers going out like that to those pesky Penguins. I really thought a game 7 was in the offing with that 3-0 lead. What happened?

Progman2000 said...

1 bottle of water for 14 miles, you're crazy. Break out the handheld dude.

Adam said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm moving away from Kansas City (to Phoenix) in a few weeks so I'm making all sorts of "last stops" before I head out.

Nice work cranking out the miles in the heat. The first run in the heat is always so horribly brutal!

Good luck on your 1/2!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Man, I kept telling myself those days weren't as hot as they were - that I just wasn't used to the heat - but I ran a (crappy) 5k race on Sunday, and it was HOT. nearly killed me.

It IS that hot ... or WAS. till today ...

Good luck in the half marry Sunday, brother!

sneakersister said...

No, that's what is suppose to happen. You get the bad run out of the way right before the race.

Good luck!