Wednesday, April 8, 2009

6 Miles after a busy Day

Man it was a busy day, but I managed to find the time to get out and run 6 miles.
It was in the high 40's and breezy here, typical April in NJ. One day summer like, next winter like.
I can break this run down into 1/3rd's.
The first 1/3rd was just trying to find a rhythm. I didn't feel like running, and it was hard to get started. One I got past the mental & psychical part, I started to enjoy myself.
I picked up the pace in the 2nd 1/3rd. I did get the fun of running into the wind. Oh is that getting old! I can't wait to get in some runs in later in the day, in nice calm weather.
The last 1/3rd, I did my best to pick up the pace, and finish strong. When I started my run, I figured this would be one of the runs you just struggle to get through. I was off on that thought.
The last mile, I went for it, and ended the run with a 7:24 mile. I wanted to finish under 8:00, and accomplished that.
I did forget to mention that I went over 100 miles for the 2nd straight month. I finished March at 101.29, and counting today's run I'm at 314.36.

6 Miles 49:24 (8:13avg.)

  1. 8:31
  2. 8:30
  3. 8:19
  4. 8:26
  5. 8:11
  6. 7:24


Ted said...

Awesome !! Your pacing is sweet. This is sick ! Today should be a good day to run.. its gonna hit the 60s today. Woohooo. On a sad note, its gonna be a little bit cooler over the weekend. Shiz !

Happy Easter !!! Do you have inflatable Easter bunny in front of your house by now?

Vava said...

Nice job on the run, and the accumulated mileage for the month and year. I'd never heard the word "psychical", though I totally like it in this context. After googling it I discovered that it has to do with the "psychic" or "paranormal". A tough thing to overcome on a run indeed.

BommaMama said...

Hey Bill I think you are impressing people with your typos! LOL
Unless you meant to say psychical, then I apologize. Great job overcoming the mental part - I failed on Tuesday because I subjected myself to the treadmill and only managed about 3 when I was supposed to do 5. Today I'm going for 10 though!!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I used to consider a 7:24-mile to be a GRAND succes if I could do it when I was just running ONE MILE!


I don't think I could ever finish a 6-mile run with a mile under 8.

O, well. I'm probably taller than you, and even if I'm not I'll just say I am and take that as comfort.

sRod said...

Yeah, the weather has been totally unreliable around here lately.