Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday... Runday.... Funday !!

It's been busy around here, but fun.

I got out and ran on Thursday after work. I ran at Veteran's Park, and did 6 miles in a little over 50mins. Legs were a bit tired after Wednesday's 8 miler.

The weather for Saturday, was highs in the mid 70's, so I was looking forward to a warm trail run with the group. It wasn't as warm as I had hoped, around the high 40's at 7:00am, but still nice. We came across a college/high school regatta, at Mercer County Park, and since we had enough runners to have our own crew, I felt the need to "call out" the other schools as they prepared. We ran 6.4 miles in 1:01:20, and it felt really good to be back out on the trails with the group.
On Sunday, we were taking my oldest to the Phillies game, it's Phanatic's Birthday, so I got up early to do my long run. I was out of the house around 6:30am, and it was in the mid 50's. Really nice running weather, and get this, there was hardly a breeze! What a difference from last Sunday. I was trying to make this a nice LSD run, and did accomplish it for the most part.
When I got to Mercer County Park, the Regatta was about half the size it was on Saturday morning. I guess it was just the finalists.

I was a group of one, so I left the competitors alone this morning. I figured, if I messed with them, they might just come after me with these...

It was a good run, and I felt wipe out after finishing the 15 miles. I did find the energy to make the last mile my best. I hope that pays off at the 1/2 on May 3rd.

The day ended great.. a bottom of the 9th game winning homer by Ibanez, and the FLYERS are back in the series with a nice 6-3 win!

Oh... and here's a couple of nice pics from the Phils game today.. enjoy!

That is a birthday cake made entirely out of Taskycakes!

The Great Harry Kalas memorial on the left/centerfield wall.

15 miles 2:11:05 (8:44 avg.)

  1. 8:45
  2. 8:57
  3. 8:52
  4. 8:55
  5. 8:57
  6. 8:47
  7. 8:46
  8. 8:38
  9. 8:40
  10. 8:35
  11. 8:40
  12. 8:46
  13. 8:30
  14. 8:44
  15. 8:23


Denise said...

Birthday cake is too cute! Totally a Philly cake!

BommaMama said...

Wow that's some pace Bill on the 15. You are going to kill the 1/2 for sure. Bringing up the rear of the trail group on Saturday, I found people's reactions to your smack talk comments interesting. So thanks for the entertainment!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Non-Philly-area people probably have no idea what a Tastycake is.

How sad for them!

Sounds like you're ready for your half, brother! Good luck!

SuperDave said...

Very consistent long run. I wish my long runs looked like that.
My wife is originally from Baltimore and when she visits she brings back 5 or 6 boxes of tastycakes. None down south at all. Yummy!

Vava said...

Nice post! Great running (as usual!) and love the photos of the Phillies game. We went to the Jays game that day as well and our team also won. It's so nice when that happens, and for you to see a bottom of the ninth win must have been amazing.

sRod said...

Completely made out of Tastycakes? That is crazy...crazy delicious!