Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Running after the rain

Well, 2 days of rain finally ended around 4:00pm today. I waited the rain out, and got out and ran around 4:30pm. It was cool, low 40's, overcast and damp. Best thing about the weather... no WIND!
I planned to run 8 miles, an out and back to Mercer County Park. As I was approaching a point where I know I should be around the 1 mile mark, the garmin had me at .53 miles. I guess maybe the weather effected it. When it did finally click off Mile 1, it was at 12:44. It worked fine the rest of the run.
For as bad a run as I had on Easter Sunday, this was just the opposite. The legs felt good, maybe the extra day of rest helped. It was nice to run without the wind. It seemed like forever that the wind has been blowing. There wasn't much going on at the park, the only people out, where the high school crew, practicing on the lake.
I pushed it the last mile , to keep with my plans to try and finish my runs with my fastest mile. The Garmin had me at 1:10:25, for 8.15miles, but you can add a 1/2 mile onto that. When I downloaded my run, I could see where it started, and where I actually did start.
The next few days has the sun coming out, and temps topping off around the mid 70's on Saturday! Sounds like maybe Spring has finally been sprung.
  1. 12.44 ( more like 1.5miles)
  2. 8:12
  3. 8:19
  4. 8:07
  5. 7:59
  6. 8:11
  7. 8:04
  8. 7:42

.15 1:02


joyRuN said...

It's nice to finally the sun come out - that rain was nonstop!

BommaMama said...

The weather totally drained me yesterday - I skipped any type of running. Good for you for overcoming it. HOORAY for spring!

Vava said...

Yes, Spring is definitely here! Nice run, and that's weird about the Garmin. When my wife and I run together our Garmins always give us different readings, which makes me question just how accurate those GPS satellites really are. I suppose they are accurate enough for my purposes.

Denise said...

The rain and wind have been sucking! I'm so excited to run the next 3's going to be so nice!

And I'm glad you're signing up for Philly again. This time if we're in the same pace group we should say hi to each other! ;-)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

WAIT! Didn't you leave a comment on my blog that GARMIN NEVER LIES?

O, man, I just checked! You DID!


Nice pace, brother. The wind around here had been horrendous, you're right about that.

Not anymore, tho.

Thank for validating my decision NOT to get a Garmin!

(Full disclosure: I'm cheap. I wasn't really thinking of it anyway.)

sRod said...

Yeah, the rainy runs suck. I had to turn an 18 miler into 10 because I couldn't take the weather anymore.

But you recovered really nice there!