Sunday, April 12, 2009

10 miles on a blustry Easter Sunday.

Well, this wasn't exactly the greatest running weather this past weekend.
Saturday, I got up before 6:00am, to meet Bill Y at Clayton Park, to hit the trails. I was hoping to get the run in before the rain came, but that was not to be. As soon as I got to the park, the skies opened, and we got dumped on. When Bill arrived, we made the executive decision to go to breakfast instead of getting soaked.
Onto Easter Sunday!
Well, when you have two young children, who are at that age who just love Santa & the Easter Bunny, you had to figure they wouldn't be sleeping in. They were up just after 6:00am!
SO after an early morning of Easter candy, and other assorted gifts, I finally pushed myself out to run around 11:00am. The wind was brutal, gusting out of the NW at 25+mph. And being April, it could be 70 or 40, and of course it was 40deg! I decided to stay away from Mercer County Park, and the winds off the lake, and stay on the roads. I don't think it mattered much.
I wasn't feeling all that great during the run. I wanted to get in around 14, but when I hit the 9 mile mark, and I knew I could end the run at 10, around my home, I did just that.
It was a struggle to get 10 in, but I am glad I did. I want to up the long run mileage, with the 1/2 marathon only a few weeks away, on May 3rd.
I plan this week is to do the 6-8-6, Tuesday - Thursday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. I am about sick of the wind! It just drains you both mentally & physically.
10 miles 1:29:16
  1. 8:38
  2. 8:25
  3. 8:42
  4. 8:50
  5. 9:00
  6. 8:55
  7. 9:05
  8. 9:08
  9. 9:23
  10. 9:09


joyRuN said...

I hear you about the wind. Ugh!

Good job on getting the 10 in.

Daggone Easter Bunny - disrupted my children's sleep then left ALL sorts of chocolate goodness around for me to scarf down.

SuperDave said...

Sometimes I have to drive far away from the house to not have an excuse to "stop" when I go by.
The wind has been gusting the entire eastern seaboard.
I was so excited about the Easter Bunny that I got up @ 6am also. oops I mean my kids got up.. haha

Progman2000 said...

I am with you on the wind - I was running directly into it at it's peak yesterday for the final 2 miles of my LR - it sucked.

Girl In Motion said...

Great job fighting the wind! Seems like this month has been the worst in that regard. I just think of it as added (though totally unwanted) strength training. :-)

BommaMama said...

The wind is totally draining physically and mentally - I came to that very same realization yesterday doing the NJ Marathon training run in Long Branch. We had to keep our heads down a couple times because it was the blustery, take-your-breath-away kind that I hate! Way to tough it out though Bill - you still got in a great run, Easter candy and all! I could never do a run that goes by my house before the end... there's no way I'd ever make it to the end!

I Run for Fun said...

Wind can be brutal. Great job on the run!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I ran Sunday and couldn't even get in a full six miles.

So 10 - pretty impressive, brother!

Michelle said...

Great 10 miler and I agree running into the wind is not FUN!! It is very draining and tiring! Glad you got your Easter run in though!!!

Ted said...

Hey dude.. I hear ya about the wind. I know! No one likes to run in the wind. I wouldn't mind if the wind push my back. That would be awesome. However, facing a headwind is nasty. This of this way as an extra workout. Good job on your 10 miler.

Vava said...

I think the weather was the same up in Ottawa as I experienced similar wind issues and headed out at the same time as you did. I think we have to learn to embrace the wind since we can't change it.

Sorry to hear about Harry Kalas' passing. With the loss of Tom Cheek (who never missed a game since the Jays' first game in 1977 until 2004) the broadcasts have never been the same. I'm certain that Kalas will be sorely missed by Philly fans.