Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last 2 runs in Wildwood !

The wife & I headed to Wildwood for a little weekend away,sans kids. While back home was getting rain, we lucked out, and only had rain overnight.
I was able to run on the boardwalk Saturday morning. Nice 4 miles at 8:00min pace. While I didn't get the rain, the wind was kicking. One thing about running the boards this time of year, it was pretty empty. Hard to believe only a few short weeks ago, it was full of activity.
We had a great Saturday, walking around Cape May, and a nice dinner in Wildwood. We had a few raindrops Saturday afternoon, but really nothing that bad.
It was nice not to have to set the alarm for 5:00am, to go for a run. I ran when I got up Sunday, a nice 10 miler on part of the Ocean Drive course. It's almost exactly 5 miles to Cape May,from our place, so out and back it was. I did the 1o miler at my MP goal of 8:30. A few of the middle miles where tough with the wind kicking! I managed to finish the last 2 miles at 7:53 & 7:56.. another nice confidence building run.
I plan on running my remaining long Sunday runs at my marathon goal pace.
Hard to believe Philly is less than a month away !
We are scheduled to close the place around Thanksgiving, and I found a local 5k on the schedule that Saturday, so I will try and run that. Maybe there is one more run in Wildwood this year.


sneakersister said...

Nice runs there Flyers26! You are really going to tear Philly up.

Have you thought much about the FE's during the weekend?

Denise said...

Nice job with the marathon paces. I've been targeting 8:15-8:20 for my speed workouts. Can't wait for race day!

I Run for Fun said...

Sounds like an awesome getaway.

Ted said...

Nice job dude !! I am thinking of going to Philadelphia to do some spectating. It should be a blast to see you tearing up the ass-phalt.

sRod said...

Congrats--looks like you'll be in awesome shape for Philly!

PS - my word verification word is "apinis" and I'm giggling to myself like a 14 year old