Monday, November 2, 2009

19 days to Philly !!

Hard to believe that I am in the home stretch, towards marathon #3. Philly is only 19 days away !
I had a great week of running. Did my 6-8-6 mid week runs, and hit was spot on with the pace I wanted to run them in.
Saturday, I met up with the trail group, and Nate killed us with a 6 mile run, filled with mountain climbers, sprints, oh and 125 push ups, mixed in.
Sunday, I met up with Shoreturtle, who was running his last 10 miler before his marathon this coming Sunday, in Harrisburg, Pa. He wanted to run at his MP of 8:20's, and we were right on target. We had a couple of quick miles, but he kept us in check. It's awesome to run with someone at that pace, and carry on a conversation, like it was nothing. It proved to me that the hard work I have put in the past 3 months should pay off in 19 days!
FYI... I did some checking, and I ran 167 miles for October, and 517.5 so far in my training for Philly!
Homestretch.. here I come!


Denise said...

19 days!! Eeek!! I'm in denial over here or something. I'm starting w/ 3:40, hoping the pacer is good. I'd like to run the beginning around 8:20 to make up some time. I can't believe it's so close!

Darrell said...

Isn't it nice to get to the home stretch and feel like all that training is going to pay off in 19 days. Nice mileage in Oct.

Ted said...

Hmmm... I should run in the Philly as a bandit this time. I have such vivid memories of Philly marathon last year. You are going to rock it.

sRod said...

Just around the corner! Sounds like you're doing good.