Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 days until Marathon #2, Asbury Park Relay Marathon

Hard to believe that I am 3 days away from running my 2nd marathon. I found the AsburyParkRelayMarathon earlier this year, and how could I pass up a $30.00 marathon? I am doing this strictly for training. My goal is to run the 1st 20 miles easy, and try to pick up to my marathon goal pace, for the last 10k. I know, easier said than done. It's going to be a mentally tough run. This marathon has 8 laps, the first is a 2.75 mile loop, followed by 7 x 3.35 mile loops. On top of the 8 laps, the weather is not looking good right now, for the race. We have 2 nor'easters hitting us, and the 2nd is coming in Sat nite, into Sunday morning, highs in the low 50's. Hopefully it clears by 10:00am on Sunday.
My running has got back on track after my 21 mile meltdown. I ran a strong 14 miles on Sunday. I averaged 9:09 for the run. The only problem I encountered was my Garmin wasn't fully charged, and died at the 9.64 mile mark. I felt like I kept the pace for the remaining 4+ miles. It was a nice confidence builder.
My weeks runs, 6-8-6, Tues _ Thurs, were also great. I had a nice speed run on Tuesday, 7:58 min avg. Wed, was 8:05 avg, with a 7:35 last mile! I took it easy in the rain today, and ran my 6 miler in a 8:31 avg. One thing I will say was that I didn't have crazy laps, they were all consistent.
Hopefully I didn't run too hard this week, and have it catch up to me on Sunday.
I feel pretty healthy and fresh, so we'll see how it goes. It's the last "long run" before Philly.


joyRuN said...

Sounds like you have a solid plan going - I hope the weather clears up.

Good luck!

sneakersister said...

I'm totally afraid of the weather this weekend. Yuck!!

Good luck, stay SLOW. You can do it. What is your marathon pace anyway? This will be a very good test at self control.

Ted said...

Good Luck with the APRM tomorrow !!! Like you, I am watching the weather report closely. Its quite unfavorable as its getting closer. As for the Newport Marathon, the wx calls for 50 degrees with a wind chill factor of mid 30s. 20-30 mph wind along the coastline of Newport and heavy rain. My mind has been acting like a see-saw on what to wear for tomorrow. Short?? Long pant?? short?? long pant??

Yasi said...

Good luck on Sunday! That stinks that you have to run so many loops. I'll be in Seaside doing the 1/2 at 10 also, gotta love that later start time and $25 entry fee! Hopefully the weather is bearable!

Frank Sconzo said...

Good luck with Asbury Park! I'm jealous that I have to wait six more weeks to run my next marathon.
Have fun!