Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation + Running = AWESOME!

We are downashore thru Sunday, so that means plenty of Beach, Beer, and of course RUNNING!
I went out and ran 14 miles on Sunday, from our place in Wildwood to Cape May and back!
While the temps were very nice (low 70's @ 6:00pm), the humidity was a KILLER (95%)!
I felt pretty good, and when I reviewed my times, I avg. 9:20's for the 14, so I was pleased with those figures. I did have 2 nice bridges to cross, so the hill work was welcomed.
Monday was a quick 3 mile recovery run, and today, Tuesday was 7, and I pushed the pace, and avg around 8min/miles, and felt pretty darn good!
So it's off to have a Landshark, and get ready for a night on the Wildwood boards!


Denise said...

we're heading down for an overnight on saturday and i can't wait to hit the boards early sunday morning for a run!

arcteryx said...

Yeah that's really AWESOME! Great! More power! :)

anxiety treatment for children said...

That's a nice vacation idea. Keep it up.