Friday, August 6, 2010

Track Work.. UGH !

Last nite, for the 1st time in ages, I did track work.
My schedule called for 4 x 800's, with 2-3min recovery.
I got to our local HS track, and started with a mile warm up. It was disgustingly hot & humid at 5:30pm here, but good news and bad news.. there was a breeze! Good news.. breeze felt good... bad news.. breeze made it tough running!
I started with an easy mile warm up, making sure I was warmed up enough, I didn't want to pull a hammy!
The 800's went by really quickly. I wanted to do them around 3:40, like Yasso's. They were tough, especially the 2nd lap of them.
  1. 3:18
  2. 3:19
  3. 3:24
  4. 3:30

After the last 800, I did a mile cool down, and was wiped out! I was really surprised at how hard they were, but I was glad I did them.
I am running a 5 miler on Sat, in Cape May, so hopefully the speed work will help. My schedule says to run 6 @ MP, but I'm going to shoot for a PR. Weather should be good, and Cape May is flat, so we'll see !


Vava said...

Nice work! I've started doing Yasso(ish) 800s as well and it is a tough workout, but it seems that since I've started three weeks ago my easy pace has improved on my longer runs. Good luck on the 5 miler!

Denise said...

good luck this wknd!! it's going to be beautful...perfect conditions for a PR!

Yasi said...

Great job Bill! I knew you'd be fine. Good luck this weekend!

joyRuN said...

You blew that 3:40 800s goal outta the water!

I won't be doing Guts Glory this year - I'll only be up to 2 miles by the end of this week ;)