Thursday, February 17, 2011

Been a long time since I blogged, but not ran!

Yes, I have been very laxed in updating my blog, but I have been putting the miles in.
Last fall I did do both the NY & Philadelphia Marathons!
I had a blast doing both. Two marathons in two weeks was tough!
I had my brushes with fame in NY. I ran with Survivor winner Ethan Zohn for a few blocks in Brooklyn, and ran up on, and got some tv time passing Chilean miner Edison Pena.
My goal for NY, was to enjoy the marathon, and not race it, and I did just that. I finished in 4:14:10, and beat P.Diddy's time, so I was pleased.
For Philly, the goal was 3:40, but that was before I got into NY. My goal for the day was see how I felt, and shoot for 3:45-3:50.
I started out strong, and held a 3:45 pace for the majority of the marathon. I was in cruise control, knocking off 8:33-8:36 miles like nobody's business. When I hit the turn around point at mile 20, I was in control and on my way to the 3:45!
As I got back on Kelly Dr, around 23, the legs died. NY caught up to me, and I struggled the rest of the way. I finished in 3:55:54. While I was disappointed with that time, I know, if I had not done NY 2 weeks earlier, I would have killed that race. While it was my slowest of the 3 Philadelphia Marathons I have run, it was my most consistant race, one that left me with much confidence that I can get to a 340 or better.

There's a quick recap of my fall marathons.
So far in 2011, I am running outside, never on a treadmill, avg about 25-28 miles/week, getting ready for the spring race season!


Carlee said...

looking forward to hearing your spring plans

ShoreTurtle said...

What was that noise? That was me falling out of my chair. Good to see that you finally updated your blog. I look forward to more updates to come.

Ted said...

Hey Flyers ! Let me know which marathon(s) you have signed up for this year. I am doing the NJ Marathon and Savannah (GA) marathon this year. I will look forward to hearing your plan.

Lady Luck said...

well done.. I'm passing hereby just by chance and I just wanted to drop you a line for this amazing post..

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