Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back from vacation.... and been a running fool !

I am back from our week plus vacation at our place in Wildwood, but fear not, I have been a running fool!
Let's see.. I ran last weekend a 4 miler on Saturday, and that brings us to Sunday.
Good ole Hurricane Bill was passing Wildwood, and I was hoping not to get caught in his wrath. I was out the door around 5:20am, to run my 16 miler, a longer version of the 14 I ran the week before, out and back to Cape May. When I started out, it was just a fine mist, still humid, and temps around 68deg. I was better prepared this week, for the heat & humidity. I picked up a few salt packets at the McDonald's on the boards the nite before, and took one before I started.
I was rain free, except for the mist, the first 3 miles, and then it started, and it got harder and harder. I stopped at a WaWa, to refill my handheld with ice around mile 6, and got back at it, and I was now in a full blown downpour! I hit the 8 mile mark around where the start of the Ocean Drive Marathon was back in March. I took cover under one of the local store's entrance, hoping to wait out the rain. I took the other salt packet, rung out my tank, and with the skies showing no sign of letting up, off I went.
On the way out of Cape May, I hit the WaWa to get more ice, and could see in the distance the sun! As I ran on the Ocean Drive, getting closer to the fisheries, I was rain free!
I did the 16 miler in 2:28:59, a 9:18 avg. No bonking this time!
My mid week runs of 6-8-6 where uneventful, just nice running at the shore. I ran my 6 miler at an avg of 8:06, 8 miler at 8:50, and last 6 at 8:30.
Saturday, we were back and I was out with the trail group.. running in the rain again... we did a nice 4 mile run in the hills of Clayton Park. I took it easy because I had 18 scheduled for today, Sunday.
Well I spoke to my bud Shoreturtle Saturday night, to see what he had on his schedule, and he had a 20 miler, so I offered to meet him and run the 20, what's an extra 2 miles? We met up at Mercer County Park at 5:30am, and he mapped out a 2 x 10 mile loops. We both decided to try and stay around a 9:15 pace. When we get together, we seem to enjoy pushing each other in a friendly competitive way. We started out running on the bike path, into the total darkness of the woods. Turtle was on it, bringing not only his headlamp, but a mini-mag lite, so we wouldn't soak our feet in the puddles from Saturday's rain.
The 1st loop seemed to fly by, and when we got back to the lot, we did a quick stop to change into a dry shirt, and refill our fluids. I also took a salt packet, and Gu.
We kept a pretty steady pace throughout the run. It was the longest run I have done since Philly last fall. I could feel it in the legs the last 2 miles, and was glad when it was over. It was nice to have a partner for the long runs. We did the 20 in 3:03:40, for an avg of 9:10!
Looking back at last year, I ran my 1st 20 miler in 3:26:48, a 10:20 avg. I was pretty amazed at the difference in time. While it doesn't seem it, I guess I am in better shape this year, than last.

One last thing.. I ran 167.89 miles for the month of August, which puts me at 835.41 for the year,


BommaMama said...

Wow Bill - you and Charlie are inspirational! Way to stick to the training schedule. It's really going to pay off on marathon day.

KimsRunning said...

Wow...very nice!! I think the 2 of you should continue to train together!! Finding a running partner with the same pace is priceless!!

Denise said...

Way to stick with it while on vacation! And GREAT mileage for August!! Someone is ready for Philly!!

sneakersister said...

Flyers, are you running Philly this year?

Darrell said...

Running on vacation is always great fun. At least I love it.

Very cool that you and the turtle got to do the 20 miler together. You gotta love a little friendly competition.