Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm still around.... and RUNNING !!

While I have not updated lately.. well, actually it's been months... I am still running.
Here's a quick capsule of what I have been up to ...
Chilly Cheeks trail race.... A trail race in Jan... wearing shorts... it was anything but Chilly !
Ugly Mudder trail race... A trail race in Feb... wearing shorts... it was chilly, oh and did I mention that if you got out of the one lane of trail, you fell into snow knee deep!! I bought a pair of YaksTrax the day before, smartest move ever! They are a must for ice & snow!
Ran a local 5k in March.. again weather played a major role.. at about the 1.5 mile mark, it started to hail, and eventually pour on us!
Ocean Drive 10 miler! perfect weather, winds were challenging as usual, running at the shore in March, but set a 10 mile pr 1:18:xx !
Ran the 1st of 2 1/2 marathons.. Rutgers Unite 13.1. Started out with a hall of fame blogger, TED, with plans of running a sub 1:40, but Ted was too strong, and after trying to keep up with his 7:20 pace, I faded to a 1:45:xx. I have #2 this weekend at the Long Branch 1/2 !
I have one more 1/2 to go, my buddy Shoreturtle talked me into teaming up with him, to run the Superhero 1/2 marathon, as a relay team ! This should be fun. While we are on the same team, I have no doubt that we will be trying to outdo the other one's time for the 6.55 mile legs.

On the marathon front, I entered the lottery for NYC, and did not get picked. No biggie, it just adds fuel to the dislike of NY, from this Philly fan! So, I did the next best thing.. I signed up for another go at the PHILADELPHIA MARATHON ! They say the 3rd time's a charm. I'll let you know come Nov. if that's true.
Here's my marathon goal... I'll be 44 in July, and I want to drop my time to a 3:40. I am going with a new plan, Higdon Advanced I, in hopes of doing this. Next year, at 45, the BQ time is a 3:30, so the plan is to find a flat fast BQ marathon in the early fall, and do it !

So there you have it... I am still running, avg, a little over 100 miles/month.
I will try and finish my 2009 2nd half review and get that posted, and try to keep my blog on the active list!


Michelle said...

Welcome back to blogging.

Looks like you had/have a full plate of running and your doing quite awesome.

Good luck at Philly!!!!

Java Joggers said...

Welcome back to the bloggy world... it's nice to read about your running adventures again :)

Vava said...

Nice to hear you are running, and running well at that! I must admit that the thought of some nasty injury did cross my mind as I wondered what happened to your blog... Glad to see that it was not the case!

Denise said...

I'll be lining up with the 3:40 group again at Philly, too...altho I'm going to try for a 3:35. Nice to have you back.

Progman2000 said...

yeah, what's the deal with you neglecting your blog? You suck.

Ted said...

*THUD* You blogging ? Wow ! Welcome back to Blogsphere. It was great reading your post. Thanks for the nice compliment. Good Luck and kick ass at the LB 1/2.

Darrell said...

too bad about NYC, it really is a great race.

good luck with your 3rd Philly, though.

KimsRunning said...

I did a half marathon relay last Jan and LOVED it!!! Good luck!

Hal Higdon is my friend on FaceBook....heehee!!! (his REAL FaceBook, not the fan site..YAY)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Nice job at the Superhero HM relay!!! A HM relay sounds like a lot of fun, you guys did a great job!

After running Pocono yesterday and learning that Steamtown is a similar course I have decided to come back to Philly in November instead of Steamtown. I will see you there!!