Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another week is in the books!

Another week is in the books! Time is flying by 'round these parts.
This past week was a nice recovery week, and it came at a great time. As much as everyone likes to ramp up the mileage, we need to give ourselves time to heal from the pounding of the pavement.

I had only 2 x 5 milers this past week, on Tuesday and Thursday. I got up early to do the runs, since we are swamped with activities at nite.

Tuesday and Thursday where just about identical. I did Tuesday in 42:35, and Thursday in 42:21. While Thursday was a bit faster, it was more of struggle. Funny how that happens.

Saturday, I got out with the trail runs group, and we met again at Mercer County Park. No bushwacking this week, as we got our run in, in between rain drops. It was a nice 7 miler, and we had another newcomer. We have had a new runner join us the last 2 weeks. That's good stuff!

Sunday was back to the long runs! I had a 20 miler on tap, and enlisted a running bud to join me in the fun. ProgMan was up for the fun. He met me and was in for 12 of my 20 miles.

We met at Mercer County Park, and did the same loop that I did with Shoreturtle 2 weeks ago. Funny.. I only had to do 18 that day, Turtle had 20, and I did all 20 with him. I asked him if he wanted to meet us,and he had a 5k to go PR in!

When Prog & I started out, we were killing it the 1st 7 miles!

Look at these splits:

1. 9:18

2. 9:14

3. 9:03

4. 9:04

5. 9:03

6. 9:14

7. 9:12

We were on a heck of a roll, and the miles flew by. We slowed down a bit the rest of the way, but still very nice splits. We did hit our cars at mile 10, to change shirts and grab some fluids.

8. 9:20

9. 9:25

10. 9:14

11. 9:32

12. 9:06

A little past mile 12, Progman turned around and headed back. It was great of him to come out and run with me. It really helps on the long runs, to have a partner in crime.

When he left, it was tough to push thru the last 8 miles. I made a couple of mistakes. First, I didn't bring any salt with me, but luckily Progman had some salt pills. My second mistake was not running the 1st 10 mile loop with water. I know better than that. It was more humid out that I had realized. My other mistake was that I should have grabbed my Ipod before we started on the 2nd leg.

The legs were dying on the last 3 miles, similar to the previous 20 miler. I know there is some work to be done, to feel stronger the last miles of these training runs, and hopefully it'll come.

13. 9:13

14. 9:31

15. 9:47

16. 9:31

17. 9:48

18. 10:02

19. 10:03

20. 9:40


Yasi said...

I was wondering how your 20-miler went, awesome job! If I remember I'll bring some of those salt capsules I was telling you about, I've got some samples from races.

ShoreTurtle said...

Are you saying that I should have run the 20 with you this morning and then run the 5K? Yeah, right.

Darrell said...

You had a nice pace going there. I hope to be that fast again someday.

BommaMama said...

Hey Bill - that's a lot of running in one weekend! 7 and 20 - wow. I hope you took a couple days to recover after that. Nice job to you and Progman!!

Hua said...

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