Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Inching closer to Marathon Training.

Hard to believe that is already the middle of July, and in a few short weeks, I'll start training for my 2nd Philadelphia Marathon.
Last year, everything was new and exciting. I found a plan, stuck to it, and finished!I was motivated with the thought of failure, not being able to finish.
This year, I am struggling to get motivated to train. I don't know if I still have a "marathon hangover", but I hope, come July 26th, I can flick the switch and get going.
It amazes me to think of the people and teams that can win a championship, and come back and do it again, the next year.
I haven't gone on a "long run" in quite some time.
I had the thrill of running in Wildwood, on the boards, Saturday morning. I normally just run 4 miles, out and back on the boards, but I ran into the Crest, and added 2 miles to my run, making it a 6 miler. My weekday runs are in the 4-6 mile range. Somehow I will need to be in the 6-8 range, for my training.
I have made an effort to start to bump up the mileage. I ran a 7 miler on Tuesday, and ran 6 Wednesday. For the 7 miler, I averaged 8:16's, and for the 6, it was 8:37's.
For my marathon training, I want to be in the 8:45-9:15 range.
I can also feel the shoes starting to go. Hard to believe, I feel like I just got them, but I have had them for 4 months, and looking at my mileage, they have roughly 350 miles on them.
I have 40 miles in the book for July so far, and 606 for the year.
I try and get out for another run on Thursday, and hit the trails on Saturday.


hurley said...

Hey, we're at Clayton Saturday...and you're searching for long wanna run there? I'm serious, let me know.

Progman2000 said...

I got news for you buster, AP is less than 14 weeks away. Don't wait until July 26, put on your big boy pants and kick it into gear now. I have been trying to figure out how to handle that one myself, seems logical to fit at least 1 20 miler in before then (although I may stick to 18s this time around, not sure yet...)

Denise said...

I can't believe it's almost time for Philly training. It will be hard for me to make the transition from this ultra training to that, but I'm ready for a change. Flip that switch and get ready!!

Michelle said...

Very nice! Good luck on your marathon training! Your going to rock Philly!!!!

Ted said...

Listen up dude !! Get into the marathon training in high gear NOW! *yelling* You hear me! Good Luck and you are going to ROCK !!!

I Run for Fun said...

Talking about training is the first step to gearing up. You'll be ready...and looks like you have some decent mileage. Go get 'em!

Darrell said...

Sounds like the midweek stuff is fine, but its time to start lengthening out those weekend long runs. Definitely get the new shoes before you hit the really long runs.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Yeah, you'll ultimately end up crushing last year's marathon time, won't you?

Yeah. You will.

joyRuN said...

I'm having the same issue. I've been running about 4-5 miles, & am not all that excited to bump that mileage up.

Happy training!

sRod said...

Oh man, it totally is just like a light switch. The day I go into marathon training I suddenly hit my goal pace faster and find it easier to wake up at 5:45.